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At Total Medical Physical Therapy, we provide top notch hands on 1 on 1 physical therapy with treatment plans designed specifically for each patient to optimize results, shorten healing time and educate each patient to prevent re-injury. Throughout the years Total Medical Physical Therapy has become a staple in the community and a leader in hands on physical therapy in Rego Park, Queens.

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* Expertly trained physical therapists
* Licensed and Board Certified Physicians
* Highest quality of patient care
* Excellent reputation in the community
* Caring therapists and staff
* Hands on physical therapy techniques
* Closed rooms for patient privacy
* Long term results
* High patient success rates and patient satisfaction
* Relaxing, family friendly environment
* Extremely high patient return rate
* Advanced physical therapy techniques
* Clean and comfortable office space

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We Treat All Musculoskeletal Conditions.

At Total Medical Physical Therapy we treat everything from simple sprains and strains to post surgical conditions, car accident injuries, work related injuries, and sports related injuries. We have years of experience helping our Rego Park and Queens Neighbors recover from musculoskeletal injuries regardless of the cause of injury.

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Treatments We Use

  • Therapeutic exercises and stretching
  • Manual traction and joint mobilization
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Paraffin bath
  • Mechanical traction
  • Acupuncture
  • Trigger point injections
  • Postural Analysis
  • Scoliosis screening
  • Patient education (at home stretching/ strengthening programs)

We service the following areas.

Physical Therapist Forest HillsPhysical Therapist Forest HillsPhysical Therapist Forest HillsPhysical Therapist Forest HillsPhysical Therapist Forest Hills

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Physiotherapy can make a difference in the lives of individuals of all ages. Whether you are senior, disabled or you have chronic illnesses, physiotherapy is the key to maintaining an optimum level of physical functioning that promotes independent living, and it should only be carried out by a well-trained expert of physiotherapy. Total Medical Physical Therapy is proud to be one of the best physiotherapists in Queens, NY that offers top class medical and physical therapy services.

At Total Medical Physical Therapy Clinic, our aim is to offer full services especially for conditions ranging from acute and post-surgical care to chronic pains and aches. Our therapy program is designed to specifically complement cardiology and neurological care provided by our well-trained physiotherapists. Our services range from acute injuries, strains and sprains, fractures, arthritis, low back pain, fibromyalgia, and cluster headaches. We also extend our services to help you with post-surgical conditions and rehabilitation and a host of other health issues.

Over the years, we have established a strong and lasting relationship with our patients through our Physical therapy programs helping them reduce pains, flexibility, balance, improving their strengths, coordination and restoring maximum functioning. Our patients all over Queens and the entire Rego Park area in NY come to us whenever they have issues with pains and aches. Our ability to deliver excellent, top class physiotherapy and medical services make us the best Physiotherapist in Queens, Rego Park, NY.

Why Are We the Best Physiotherapist in Queens, NY?

With lots of physiotherapists serving in Forest Hills area, we have distinguished ourselves by offering physical therapy services on-site as a convenience to you, so you can get access to our physical therapy services in our medical offices, without having to travel all over miles. Each of our Physiotherapy specialists has several years of clinical experience. Some reasons why we are the best physiotherapist serving the Queens area include:

Compassionate Care Physical Therapy Services

At Total Medical Physical Therapy Clinic, we cherish, love and respect all our prospective patients either young or old. Our attention to details, friendly and accommodating staffs remain a vital part of our long-standing success. We consider every patient an important member of our extended family. With this, we are able to deliver top class, patient’s friendly services that will leave you extremely satisfied.

Well-Trained Physiotherapists at Your Service

In addition, we work with a trained of well-trained, skilled, and licensed physiotherapists. All our physiotherapy specialists have undergone comprehensive, and professional training. They have been certified and licensed to work with patients of all ages. No matter the issue with your physical therapy, our friendly and attentive staffs will go extra mile to ensure that all your needs are met.

Ultra-Modern Medical Facilities

At Total Medical Physiotherapy Clinic, our services are carried out with state of arts medical equipment and facilities combined with the latest technologies. Also, our licensed physiotherapy specialists carry out their research with hands-on care to ensure that you are offered the best quality services and most effective treatment options for your condition.

Prompt and Effective Services

What’s more, we understand that your time matters to you a lot. Hence, we deliver our physical therapy services promptly and excellently. Whether you are coming for a routine check-up or you need a comprehensive self-examination, we will attend to you swiftly.

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At Total Medical Physical Therapy Clinic, our goal is to get you back on fit making your daily tasks and activities much easier. For more information about our services, contact us today at Total Family Therapy Clinic. Our well-experienced physiotherapists will be readily available to attend to you and provide suitable responses to your questions and concerns. For a physical therapist in Queens, Rego Park and Forest Hills, schedule an appointment on our website at or call us on