Our office aims to treat our patients’ health conditions through supervised physical therapy. However, occasionally that is not enough. That is when a patient may consider trigger point injections. At Total Medical NY we have you covered whether you need conservative or more invasive treatments such as trigger point or epidural steroid injections.

Identification of Trigger points: The physical therapist or medical doctor locates the trigger points in the muscular tissue by manual palpation.

Direct pressure: The physical therapist applies direct pressure on the trigger points with their fingers or thumb to break up the trigger point.

Release of Tension: By applying direct pressure on the muscle knot (trigger point) it will help loosen up the trigger point.

Stretching and Movement: To promote healthy muscle function following trigger point release, the muscle may be gently stretched or moved.

When creating a comprehensive treatment plan for a variety of ailments, such as chronic pain, sports injuries, joint stiffness, and muscular soreness, manual therapies and trigger point therapies are frequently utilized. It is very important that these therapies are administered by certified and experienced specialists. At Total Medical NY PC, we are here to help whether you require trigger point therapy from a certified licensed physical therapist or expertly trained medical doctor.


What to Expect

The physical therapists and medical doctors at Total Medical NY PC are highly trained in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating neck and back pain, shoulder, hip, and foot pain. Total Medical NY PC has been helping our Rego Park, Queens neighbors recover from sports injuries, work injuries, motor vehicle injuries, repetitive sprain and strain injuries, and pain due to aging or poor posture.

We provide treatment care based on the best current evidence-based techniques so we can help you heal quickly from your injuries. Each patient we see will be treated by the same physical therapist each visit. We have 5 treatment rooms for patients’ privacy. We pride ourselves in giving each patient customized treatment plans, and treatment in a clean, warm, and caring environment.

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