Neck / Back Rehabilitation

Our physical therapists have years of experience successfully treating neck and back conditions.
Here is a list of commonly treated conditions of the neck and back:

– Sprains and strains,
– Radiculopathies (Pinched Nerve)
– Herniated/Bulging Disc
– Sciatica
– Sacroiliac Pain
– Degenerative Disc Disease
– Spondylolisthesis
– Arthritis
– Spinal Stenosis

Our physical therapists will examine you to find the cause of your neck/back pain. He will create a customized treatment plan to correct your specific problem to improve pain-free range of motion, to improve mobility and strengthen the muscles surrounding your spine to help you stay pain-free.


What to Expect

The physical therapists and medical doctors at Total Medical NY PC are highly trained in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating neck and back pain, shoulder, hip, and foot pain. Total Medical NY PC has been helping our Rego Park, Queens neighbors recover from sports injuries, work injuries, motor vehicle injuries, repetitive sprain and strain injuries, and pain due to aging or poor posture.

We provide treatment care based on the best current evidence-based techniques so we can help you heal quickly from your injuries. Each patient we see will be treated by the same physical therapist each visit. We have 5 treatment rooms for patients’ privacy. We pride ourselves in giving each patient customized treatment plans, and treatment in a clean, warm, and caring environment.