Manual Therapy

Manual therapy simply means the physical therapist only uses their hands for the treatment of muscle and/or joint pain.

Joint Mobilization: Joints are treated manually to increase their range of motion and decrease
stiffness. To enhance joint and muscle function, our physical therapists typically use this
technique to help patients with their nerve, muscle, and/or joint condition.

Soft Tissue Mobilization: This entails working with soft tissues like ligaments, tendons, and
muscles. Deep pressure, stretching, and kneading are some commonly used methods that can be
used to release tight muscles and increase soft tissue suppleness.

Myofascial Release: The fascia, or connective tissue that envelops muscles and organs, is the
goal of this therapy. The goal is to loosen up the fascia, which will enhance range of motion and
lessen or remove pain and discomfort.
Strain-Counterstrain: This is another manual therapy technique that uses passive body positions of tense muscles and dysfunctional joints towards comfortable positions. This technique is utilized to ease the stress and strain on the muscle to shorten the problematic muscle. Depending on the specific condition being treated, our physical therapists utilize one or more of these manual therapy techniques.


What to Expect

The physical therapists and medical doctors at Total Medical NY PC are highly trained in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating neck and back pain, shoulder, hip, and foot pain. Total Medical NY PC has been helping our Rego Park, Queens neighbors recover from sports injuries, work injuries, motor vehicle injuries, repetitive sprain and strain injuries, and pain due to aging or poor posture.

We provide treatment care based on the best current evidence-based techniques so we can help you heal quickly from your injuries. Each patient we see will be treated by the same physical therapist each visit. We have 5 treatment rooms for patients’ privacy. We pride ourselves in giving each patient customized treatment plans, and treatment in a clean, warm, and caring environment.

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