What is orthopedic
Kineso Taping?

Our physical therapist at Total Medical NY PC uses Kinesio Taping for specific injuries. The physical therapist can use Kinesio Taping to help muscles move correctly. This will help individuals heal faster. Kinesio Tape can also be used to stabilize a joint such as a shoulder or a knee.

Kinesio Tape also helps patella tracking problems of the knee as well. Kinesio Tape helps to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and support muscles and joints. Kinesio tape should always be applied by a trained professional. The tape needs to be applied with the correct amount of tension depending on the state of the injured muscle.

There are several different ways the Kinesio tape is cut and applied as well. Kinesio tape typically stays on for 3-4 days. All physical therapists at Total Medical NY PC are certified Kinesio taping practitioners.


What to Expect

The physical therapists and medical doctors at Total Medical NY PC are highly trained in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating neck and back pain, shoulder, hip, and foot pain. Total Medical NY PC has been helping our Rego Park, Queens neighbors recover from sports injuries, work injuries, motor vehicle injuries, repetitive sprain and strain injuries, and pain due to aging or poor posture.

We provide treatment care based on the best current evidence-based techniques so we can help you heal quickly from your injuries. Each patient we see will be treated by the same physical therapist each visit. We have 5 treatment rooms for patients’ privacy. We pride ourselves in giving each patient customized treatment plans, and treatment in a clean, warm, and caring environment.

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