Tension Type Headaches

These tension type headaches are a combination of psychological (caused by the mind or emotions) as well as physical stress such as working on a computer and staring at a screen all day. Typically these headaches are mild to moderate in intensity and occur on both sides of the head.

Tension Type Headaches

Tension Type Headaches

People typically report tension type headaches as having a pressing or tightening quality. Our expertly trained Rego Park physical therapists treat a great number of headaches especially migraine type and tension type headaches with very good results.

We also like to give advice to help with decreasing stress such as minor lifestyle changes such as adding meditation or simple breathing exercises.

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Tension Type Headaches

Studies suggest that about 80% of the population suffer from tension type headaches although many people who suffer from this type of headache never seek medical help. Tension type headaches normally are mildly to moderately painful with most people describing the headache as feeling as though they have a tight band around their head.

Tension type headaches are normally divided into two general categories Episodic tension type headaches which occur less than 15 days a months for at least three months and Chronic tension type headaches which occur more than 15 days a months for at least three months running.

While the medical community has not yet found the exact cause or causes of tension type headaches they believe that these headaches may be due to stress as well as sometimes have a physical basis such as staring at a computer screen for long hours a day.

Symptoms of Tension Type Headaches

There are some symptoms that can be used to help pinpoint whether you are experiencing a tension headache. These headaches include:

  • • Dull aching headache
  • • A sensation of tightness or pressure that may feel like a band around your head
  • • Tenderness of the scalp, neck, or shoulder muscles
  • • Sensitivity to light or sound (not in all cases)

In most cases, tension type headaches don’t normally interfere with your daily activities, but they can cause irritability and loss of focus and concentration as well as interfere with your ability to sleep.

How Do I Find A Chronic Tension Type Doctor Near Me?

In most cases you don’t need a special doctor to diagnose and treat your treat your tension headache your regular physician should be able to make the chronic tension type headache diagnosis. The diagnosis itself is what is known as negative diagnosis since your doctor will first need to eliminate any other possible causes of the headaches before reaching the chronic tension type headache diagnosis.

Chronic Tension Type Headache Help

There are a number of chronic tension type headache treatments that may help reduce the number of incidents and length of your chronic tension type headache. Talking to your doctor is the best way to get the chronic tension type headache help you need to deal with these types of headaches. Here are some of the treatments your doctor may suggest to you.

  • • Over the counter headache relief- Your doctor may suggest that you use over the counter pain medication over a short period of time while you are exploring other treatments to reduce or rid you of these tension type headaches.
  • • Breathing Exercises or Meditation- Studies show that performing certain breathing exercisers or mediation at the first signs of a tension type headache coming on may stop the headache in its tracks or at least lessen the pain and duration of the headache.
  • • Avoiding Triggers- Whenever possible avoiding triggers that may bring on a tension type headache can reduce the number of headaches you experience each month. For example, if rushing around getting ready for work triggers a tension headache for you, then change your habits to get up earlier so that you can prepare for work at a more leisurely pace.
  • • Learn various relaxation techniques that you can do wherever you happen to be.

Other help for tension type headaches may include improving your posture, massage of tense muscles in your neck or shoulders and exercises to relieve stress. Eventually you will find a way to help reduce and may rid your self of these headaches.