Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)

Pain occurs on the outside of the elbow and is caused by an irritation of the tissue connecting the forearm muscle to the elbow. Tennis elbow is a painful condition of the lateral elbow caused by overuse.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow

It is a common injury of tennis players as these individuals repeat the same motions again and again/ this occurs during a tennis ground stroke, for example.

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The muscle which attaches to the lateral elbow becomes weakened from overuse and microscopic tears form in the tendon where it attaches to the lateral elbow.

Athletes are not the only people who get tennis elbow. It’s also a very common injury for painters, plumbers, and carpenters. Our Rego Park physical therapists typically have excellent results with these types of injuries. Call today 718-866-3738 our physical therapists at Total Medical Physical Therapy are here to help.

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