Rotator Cuff Injuries

These are injuries to any of the four rotator cuff muscles that help move and stabilize the shoulder joint. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint and the rotator cuff muscles function to keep the upper arm bone firmly within the shoulder socket. Rotator cuff injuries typically present as a dull achy pain. The pain is usually made worse by trying to move the shoulder especially when trying to raise the arm above head level.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Shoulder symptoms will vary depending on the severity of the tear. Weakness and tenderness of the involved shoulder is very common. Rotator cuff injuries are caused by acute injury such as a football injury (a direct blow to the shoulder) or from a skiing accident such as from landing on the shoulder. Rotator cuff injuries can also be caused by chronic overuse of the shoulder, or due to the gradual aging process.

Depending on the severity and cause of the rotator cuff injury surgical intervention is sometimes required. Our physical therapists will let you know if physical therapy will be helpful for your specific condition. If your rotator cuff injury was due to acute trauma such as a skiing accident we will first send you for testing such as X-rays to rule out any potential fractures or shoulder dislocation.

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