Physical Therapy In Rego Park Queens

Eligio Leyva is a physical therapist in Rego Park Queens office with over 10 years of experience working alongside top medical doctors and specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation. This has allowed him to gain valuable knowledge and experience treating a wide range of conditions from simple muscle strain injuries to more serious conditions such as those due to motor vehicle and work related accidents as well as post surgical conditions.

Physical Therapy In Rego Park Queens

Physical Therapy In Rego Park Queens

Eligio encourages all of his Rego Park physical therapy patients to be active in their physical therapy programs such as performing at home body stretching and strengthening programs. This will allow for a shorter period of physical therapy care and will significantly reduce the chance of future re-occurrence.

Eligio is committed to providing the most effective, evidence based, personalized care for all of his Rego Park, Queens physical therapy patients. Eligio continues to keep himself current and up to date with the latest techniques to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of his Rego Park physical therapy sessions.

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His goal is to continue to deliver top quality physical therapy in Rego Park that his patients have come to expect from him over the past 10 years. Eligio is a very caring be sure how to choose physical therapist who also works as a senior physical therapist with the New York City Board of Education.

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