Post Surgical Conditions and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy following surgery will help promote healing and will ensure that you return to a healthy condition more quickly. It has been our experience that an individual should begin physical therapy as quickly as possible to limit any potential loss of range of motion of the injured area. It’s easier not to lose the motion in the first place than to have to regain it back. Physical therapy is an essential part of recovering and regaining strength and motion following surgeries for orthopedic conditions affecting the bones and soft tissues of the spine and extremities. All of our Rego Park physical therapists have years of experience treating post-surgical conditions of the cervical and lumbar spine, shoulders, knees, hips and ankles.

We encourage patient participation in recovery such as performing at home stretching and strengthening programs to decrease length of treatment time as well as optimizing long term results. As always our team of medical physicians and physical therapists at Total Medical Physical Therapy are here to help call today 718-730-9040.