A pounding headache which is typically accompanied by nausea, aura and sensitivity to light and sound. The best approach to treating migraine headaches is a combination approach combining medication and physical therapy. This will give an individual being treated the best possible results by making the headaches less painful and by getting the headaches less often. Typically migraine headaches last anywhere between 2 hours to 3 days. There is a tension component to migraine headaches and small muscles below the base of the skull and the sides of the upper neck are where a number of nerves become entrapped by tight musculature causing headaches to worsen. Our expertly trained physical therapists have treated numerous patients with migraine type headaches with excellent results. Our full time
medical doctor can also help you decide which medication is best for you to take as well as helping you to avoid common migraine triggers. If you suffer from migraine headaches or other types of headaches we are here to help. Call today 718-730-9040 Relief is just a phone call away.